Your Flight Itinerary

Pre-flight weather check

wte-happy-phone.jpgCall the pilot the night before you fly between 6:30 - 7:00pm to check the weather and to confirm the meeting time. If you have any last minute questions before you go, now is the time to ask. You will be talking to a human....not a machine!

Meeting Place


Normally at 45 minutes before sunrise we will meet at the Mercure Resort, on the corner of Broke and McDonald Road, for a quick introduction and briefing before boarding our 4wd to take you to your launch site. Do not forget your camera.


wte-inflation.jpgOnce we arrive at the launch site the pilot and ground crew get to work inflating the balloon. You are welcome to join in or stand back and enjoy the spectacle.

Flight time


Following the launch, relax as you take to the skies above the beautiful Hunter Valley. Take in the views and soak up the experience of an intimate balloon flight. You will be aloft for about 1 hour before coming back to earth.

Landing and Packing away

wte-pack-away.jpgEarn your breakfast or not, it is up to you.  Once landed the balloon is packed away and the ground crew are there to drive us back to the Mercure Resort for the tradition glass of bubbles and breakfast.

Relax with friends

wte-relax-with-friends.jpgA Champagne celebration hosted by your pilot follows the flight. Enjoy the log fire in winter or relax in the gardens in summer as we celebrate your flight in the traditional way. With only a few passengers each morning this is a time relax with your new friends.